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Blue index card and silver pen, mouse and keyboard and a fresh squeezed orange juice

on effective communication

Write to express, not to impress.

awn | 8/25/2020

Pen and paper with time management book

on planning

The importance of planning

awn | 4/10/2020

Poster graphic design

on design - graphic

Helpful tips in graphic design

awn | 3/15/2020

Silver pen, paper and mobile device with social media icons

on social media - roles

The important roles in Social Media

tere rosin, contributor | 04/9/2020

Iphone on top of bag with pen and paper in an outdoor setting

on communication

The art of good communication

awn | 04/8/2020

Iphone on top of keyboard and mouse on desk

on social media - seo

Why the old SEO Tricks no longer work

romie del moro, contributor | 04/2/2020