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Art provides value. To some it's just an ordinary piece of work. To others, it brings intellectual and emotional reflections. Our world needs new ideas and solutions to understand the value of life.

"Strokes and Washes" > Romy Velasco, Sr. (1932-2015)



Artists are inspired by many things. They observe people, watch films and read books. They go to places where they can relax and think creatively. They may be inspired by other artists. Whatever it maybe, their works are valuable to them. Artists are ordinary people with strong beliefs who can inspire others.

"Memories of Rain" Series > Cobie Cruz



Artists are passionate on what they do and discerning people would love and appreciate their works. They make effort to discover their passions. It's something they believe in and love to do.

"Dream Visitation" Series > Cobie Cruz

MIxed Media


Every artists dreamed to be successful and becoming one is challenging. You need to have goals to achieve, inspiration, passion, determination and discipline. Without it best works will never get done. Great artists are recognized not only with their works but their discipline to achieve great things. Learn to become a successful artist and enjoy every step of your journey. Success is just a few steps away.

"Reversal Intuition" > Red Mansueto


Hard work.

Artists work hard to perfect their crafts and often given credit for. They spent a lot of time and work to achieve their dreams and celebrate. They've learned the value of hard work, patience and determination and get the result they've wanted.