Relive and share your moments in life.


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Birthdays, weddings and reunions are memorable events.

These are the stories that you treasure and would love to share. Keep the memories alive and let them be remembered for generations to come.

Send us your memorable images, favorite music and clips and we'll tell your story in video. We'll capture the scenes that will help you reminisce and relive those special moments. Now, what's your story?


Our precious son's Christening was such a joyous occasion. We have this beautiful story done in video. It captured the highlights of that day -- the Christening, greeting families and friends, dinner and more. It's memorable. We've always wanted to share this video with our family, friends and the generations to come.

- Nette & Arny

What's your wedding story?

A wedding is one of the most exciting and memorable experiences of a person's life. Every couple has their own unique story to share with their families and friends. These are stories of two people who fell in love and how their relationship came to be.

Celebrate and share the anniversary of your birth.

Birthdays are celebrated in various cultures - with parties and gifts and more. Be thankful of what you have accomplished and what you have in life. It's more than an occasion. It's time to remember and share life's experiences.


We watched how our kids grow from day one. Every moment is special from birthdays to school and to parks. Everyday is different and every occasion is memorable. We love to watch this video every time there's family gathering because every moment counts.

- Cecile & Jeff