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Design to solve a problem.

Graphic, website, stage and advertising are our main focus. Our design is not just all about style, colors and shape, but how it works and affects people's lives positively. We design to solve a problem and our creativity comes from our differences in culture.

Corporate events, exhibits and concerts.

We've designed stages from corporate events to exhibits to concerts. Any space, any event anywhere. Our designs inspire people to attend, experience and get entertained. Every event is a challenge and our solutions are limitless.


"Wicked" - The Award-Winning Broadway & West End Musical;
Diageo Asian Heroes Awards - Shangrila, Shanghai, China;
Mandy Moore Concert, Araneta Coliseum, Philippines
Herbalife, The Greek Theatre, Singapore
"You and Me Against the World" TV Game Show, Philippines

Inspire your consumers to help your business grow.

Advertising is your most important tool in marketing. It's more than selling your products or services in any medium but increasing the standard of living of any developing economy.

Inspire and educate your consumers and you'll expand and explore new market.

Look good online.

A good web design is a reflection of your business and gives a great first impression. You can attract customers generate new business, and gain more trust. Make a valuable investment. Market your business online with our effective website solutions.